Assistance in writing a dissertation

“Following a redundancy in June 2009, I received during a year of a Convention Reclassification Custom. In this context, I took the opportunity to enhance my experience ” project leader “, then ” business founder ” of a Tourist Establishment that I ran from January 2004 to June 2009. So I submitted my application for VAE to obtain Professional License “Tourism and Solidarity Economy: Enterprise and Territory” from the University of Avignon – Pays de Vaucluse.

I started writing the dissertation in January 2010. To step back and get a return on my writing throughout the dissertation writing, I made contact with various members of my network Viadeo. And I met a consultant “skills development “. I enjoyed his share of coaching with very fruitful exchanges about my experience and ” my awareness of my experience.” Accompanying this has allowed me to walk over the regular contact we have had between January and June 2010.

The result: the defense of the thesis before the academic jury, June 25, 2010, was held in very good conditions. I graduated with honors members of the jury. As part of this VAE, the consultant has seen a transformation in my hand: Director tourist establishment, I gradually transformed by looking, the result of his coaching and support. “